How to Beat Artist’s Block


I’m sure all artists, at one point or another, get the dreaded “artist’s block”. I know I have. Sometimes it feels like you’re the only artist on the face of the planet that has periods where you just are in a stump. Fortunately, you aren’t the only artist with the case of The Block. Literally every other creative person has that.

While on Tumblr, I looked up what other artists do to overcome artist’s block and some extremely awesome people have some drawing prompts for those in a stump. 

It’s a random drawing prompt generator with different options of “who” and “what” where you click on both and draw a person doing something. It’s really funny, with some of the things you select.

For instance, I just chose “The Queen being a ninja” which I might actually draw for fun. It’s a really fun way to put a smile on your own face and get out of that funk better known as Artist’s Block.

Here’s the Tumblr page for the Drawing Generator.


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