How to Beat Artist’s Block


I’m sure all artists, at one point or another, get the dreaded “artist’s block”. I know I have. Sometimes it feels like you’re the only artist on the face of the planet that has periods where you just are in a stump. Fortunately, you aren’t the only artist with the case of The Block. Literally every other creative person has that.

While on Tumblr, I looked up what other artists do to overcome artist’s block and some extremely awesome people have some drawing prompts for those in a stump. 


Here’s an interesting read – Bill Gates’ 1999 Predictions


I found this story while browsing my Twitter feed. The story was tweeted by @Wired. This story posted on This article talks about the crazily accurate predictions made by Bill Gates in 1999 about the future of technology in his then book Business @ The Speed of Thought. 

Gyimah Gariba


I follow a lot of cool artists on Tumblr, and they all have their own unique styles that I enjoy, but one artist that I am particularly fond of is Canadian-based Gyimah Gariba. Gariba is an animator and illustrator born and raised in Accra, Ghana and is currently living and working in Toronto, Canada.

David Burdeny – Torii Gate, Koyasan Japan 2012


I found this photograph while looking for a photographer to talk about in my Digital Photography class.

This photo, as evidenced in this blog post title, is Torii Gate, Koyasan, Japan by David Burdeny. 

Check out my photography page!


As mentioned before, I quite enjoy photography and working with this media. I like working in color, so I guess digital photography is where I find the most enjoyment. That, and it doesn’t take a bazillion hours of process work.

I still like black and white photography though. I think the bazillion hours is worth it after you see how your work turned out. I really feel like I’ve accomplished a lot after.

So without further ado, here’s the link to my photography portfolio page! Look around and tell me what you think, what you like, what you don’t like. All that jazz.


Sharleen’s Photography portfolio page

Case Study – 2015 Morris Fuller Benton Calendar

Case Studies

This case study shows the process I underwent for creating a 2015 calendar about Morris Fuller Benton (a typographer) for my Typography class last semester:

Blog Up and Running


Hey all! This is my first blog post, just trying to figure things out. So this blog showcases the artwork and projects mainly. I dabble in a lot of different mediums but I enjoy working with photography mostly.