David Burdeny – Torii Gate, Koyasan Japan 2012


I found this photograph while looking for a photographer to talk about in my Digital Photography class.

This photo, as evidenced in this blog post title, is Torii Gate, Koyasan, Japan by David Burdeny. 

David Burdeny is a Canadian photographer who received degrees in Interior Design and Architecture, which influences his photographic work.

This photo is a part of his Saudade series from 2008-2012. “Saudade” is a Portuguese word that has no direct translation in English. He describes it as “melancholy; a desire for what was or what could be; a desire to be anywhere but the present”

I found this one photo particularly interesting because I like how the Torii Gate is a bright red color that stands out among the dark trees, making the viewer focus in on that one place.

I also like how the red of the gate contrasts with the dark green of the leaves in the background.
Torii Gate, Koyasan Japan, 2012 - David Burdeny

Check out David Burdeny’s website here if you liked this work


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