I am a Vincentian-born artist with a BFA in Visual Arts, Multimedia.

I make art because creating work is a means to express myself and it is also my passion. I make art because it is a way of life for me. I like to express myself visually and I like to see that I can create something that once only existed in my mind. My goal is to work in the photography or animation field, but I wish to also continue with painting.

In terms of my work, I usually know I’m finished with a piece when I’m satisfied with the image and I want to show it to other people. The main materials I work with are pastels and acrylic paint for my studio work, and my digital Canon T3i and my analog Canon Rebel 3000 cameras for photography.I choose my materials based on how I feel emotionally and the look I want to achieve.

I make work that reflects how I’m feeling and the experiences of everyday life. I make art for me initially, but I want others to be drawn to my work. My art is usually expressive and I attempt to explore contrast, whether it be with color and black and white or with my emotions.

I express creatively what I can’t verbally.


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