Gyimah Gariba


I follow a lot of cool artists on Tumblr, and they all have their own unique styles that I enjoy, but one artist that I am particularly fond of is Canadian-based Gyimah Gariba. Gariba is an animator and illustrator born and raised in Accra, Ghana and is currently living and working in Toronto, Canada.

I like his style of illustration and character design. Each character he creates seems to have a personality of their own, which is really great.

This is an example of his character work:


I really like the way he captured the personality of this character with all the small details, like the paint on the pants and the design of the lion on the skateboard.

(I also like the ways he captures the human hand, because as an artist I struggle with that a lot. Drawing hands is the worst)

You can check out Gyimah Gariba’s Tumblr page with all his awesome work!


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